Any Hope For This Woman With 9 Kids And A Blind Husband?

To any casual reader, a story of a poor woman who has a blind husband and nine (9) children, three of whom are very sick and presently in the hospital would most likely sound like one of those Nollywood movies where anything is possible. Well, this is not a Nollywood movie, but a true life story!

This couple has been battling to raise money to pay for the treatment of their child who is suffering from an undiagnosed health condition.



According to the 48 year old mother, Mrs. Obiageri Uti, the child was
born with a swollen stomach. Few months ago, he was operated upon, and
currently has his intestines outside his stomach, and he does not eat
owing to his ill state. To make matters worse, there is no way to
ascertain the cause of his illness as there is no blood in the child
to extract for laboratory tests.

In light of the desperate situation this family is in, one would have
thought that they would have been able to fight and save their 18
month old son, but how possible could that be when they have 8 other
children to cater for, and the man is blind? Yes, Mr. Uti, the father
of the sick child is blind, which transfers the burden of catering for
this large family on the shoulders of the wife, a common housewife.
According to Obiageri, all the children have dropped out of school
owing to her inability to pay their fees, while 3 of the children are
presently sick and staying at home at their AWA one home, in Ugwuta
one LGA of Imo state. She said she has spent about two hundred
thousand naira (#200,000) on the child, and she still has to spend
more if she must save his life, but she doesn’t have a dime left as
she has spent all she had on him.

Asked if anyone has rendered any financial assistance to them since
they came to the hospital,, she said no one, apart from a good
Samaritan named Dutch Mykels who in his own little way has come to
give her and the children hope.

Speaking about the experience at the Federal Medical Center, Owerri,
Imo state, Dutch Mykels, an upcoming artist, who visited the sick
child with his crew, said he was just speechless when he saw the
deplorable condition the woman and her kids were in. He said he was
planning on doing the little he could to assist the family, as their
problem was far bigger than he alone could tackle. He also lamented
the fact that he hasn’t “blown” yet in the music industry, hence he
would have single-handedly sponsored the entire family without even
letting anyone know about it. He then made a pledge to donate a
percentage of his album sale to helping families like the one under
consideration. He appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to please come to
the aid of this poor family, noting that whatever you do for the less
privileged will definitely come back to repay you in the long run.

Please to help save the life of little Destiny Uti, or to assist the
family in any way, you can reach Mrs. Obiageri Uti on her mobile with



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