You set up a radio station.
Printed posters, vests and flag.
You went round the world holding press conferences, soliciting for funds and ammunitions.
Annually, you protest and hold a “sit at home” protest.
Nothing happens. I repeat nothing.

I mean the whole gamut of professors, entrepreneurs, governors, senators politician, billionaires and millionaires. With a N44trn investment in one region alone.  You were ignored.

Some jobless fellow, only called a ragtag Press conference to issue a badly written notice of “Go out from our land”. In 24 hours of it, state governors, all security heads, paramilitary and military heads, UN, USA, G7, G8, and the Commonwealth head, are issuing press releases to counter it.

Everyone, including your elders, who hitherto did not have a voice, are out shouting at every street corner. Emissaries are sent out, to make peace. Even you, that have all the years planned protest and violently agitated to be left to leave the union, is suddenly suing for peace and asking for referendum.

You wanted to go. Now you are asked to go, you are behaving like the biblical Lot’s wife. Be grateful that this order has no blessings of the northerners. Otherwise you will turn to salt too.
In all these, I hope you have learnt a profound lesson. Madness is not a patented franchise. No one has the monopoly of it.

Furthermore, importance and relevance isn’t in noise making and insults. The most powerful of all of us is the most humble. Good afternoon Nigerians .

Now that we know they do not want to go, let us all live in peace. When next they confront you with the noise of “Give us Biafra or death” simply refer them to the obnoxious “Kaduna 2017 Declaration”.




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