Elfreeda Foundation set to launch on August 11, 2017

In several fora in and outside Africa, discussions, research and opinion polls have shown that the poverty level around the world especially in Africa is increasing geometrically. This phenomenon is definitely neither divine nor hereditary but as the case may be, are caused by obvious factors including socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues which practically are beyond their capabilities to overcome. This in turn has directly or indirectly forced these women and children to cater for themselves on the streets as scavengers and doing everything possible to at least have one meal a day since they don’t have access to the basic needs of life; shelter, food and clothing.

In this present day Africa which is characterized by economic downturn, poverty, sociopolitical instability and underdevelopment, the future might remain bleak and hopeless for these affected women and children if they keep depending or waiting on the government to salvage the situation. However it is imperative that drastic measures need to be taken to rescue them from this disturbing situation.

On this bedrock, Elfreeda Foundation has devised a means of putting smiles on the faces of homeless women and children by extension reducing the poverty level among women and children. Elfreeda Foundation is a non-profit, non-government, non-political foundation set up with the aim of providing a stabilizing base for homeless women and children to rebuild their lives as they reintegrate back into the society. We believe every human being deserves access to the basic needs of life.

While our mission is to provide the basic needs for desperate women and children, helping them build more stable and productive lives, while addressing the causes and consequences of homelessness in Nigeria. Our vision is to create a safe haven where homeless women and children in our society find stability and help rebuild their lives.

Through providing shelter, we intend to provide a 100 bed temporary facility where homeless women and children are welcomed to and cared for. Every bedding facility here constitutes a mattress, pillow, blanket, bed sheet and power supply is available as well as toilets and bathroom facilities. Homeless women and children can stay for the night or for a maximum of 30 days. They will be provided with a bed and a meal a day. The shelter is open daily from the hours of 6:00pm and closes at 9:00am.

Moreover, within the premises of the facility is a Thrift Store which will provide financial support and a source of funding for the foundation’s activities. Donations in terms of used household items ranging from clothing, kitchen utensils, furniture and many more from individuals, partners and organizations will be retailed at minimal prices to the public. The profits from such sales will go to the foundation. It is another direct way the community can support the foundation.

Since the foundation is giving shelter, definitely there will be a complimentary meal. This meal will come from the Food Bank, which will be domiciled within the facility.

As we have planned to reintegrate homeless women and children back to the society to live meaningful and productive lives, we have established a Resource Centre where we provide daily guidance, counseling and training for them.

It is important to note that we cannot achieve utmost success in our dream of enriching lives without the proactive partnership and continued support of well-meaning individuals, organizations, groups and associations.

The Official Opening of Elfreeda Foundation is on Friday 11th August, 2017 at the 5000 capacity hall of the Imo Trade and Investment Centre, Owerri, Imo State. In attendance, Notable Nigerians, Captains of Industries, leading public figures and Humanitarian Organizations will converge to grace the official unveiling and launch of Elfreeda Foundation. The event will herald a new beginning in the lives of homeless women and children in Imo State, Nigeria and Africa.

Idoroenyin Daniel Usoro

Media and Technology Director

Elfreeda Foundation



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